Somebody tried to defend 4Kids censorship to me. Yeah…don’t.




This dog is not allowed on the bed. So his human installed a camera to check what happens when the dog stays home alone. The results are hilarious.

My favourite part of this whole video is the cat. It’s like “oh my god you fucking moron.”

Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed”



fuck shit up!!1!

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i met some awesome frozen cosplayers and when they did this i asked for a video and i was shocked. but i was wondering why anna’s skirt was more poofy XD. 




I will never get over how deep and glorious his voice is.


kawaii japanese girl strikes again


literally me and jeff


Critical hit !!


i said give me a dmmd character to edit w/ and lucy said shiroba can i get a hell yeah

*hell yea*



Noiz is a Tsundere Bitch, that’s what he is. But his Pout Face is kinda cute.


I have no idea where this misconception that Noiz is a jerk/tsundere comes from but I would like to briefly rebut it if you don’t mind.

When we first meet Noiz, he is blunt, apathetic, and suffering depression. He was locked away as a child and as such, has never learned basic human interaction. The only thing that gives him solace is Rhyme, which he runs away from Germany, the other side of the world, to play. Rhyme has allowed Noiz to come to terms with human society, so much so that when he runs out of players to fight, he resorts to drive-bys just to grasp the barest sense of feeling and relating to others. And so, when Aoba defeats him in a Rhyme match, Noiz’s pride is not only shattered, he’s scared — how is it different? Did he do something wrong? Is his performance slack? It has to be a loophole. It’s no wonder that he’s angry with Aoba when they first meet, but really, the only thing Noiz wants is a rematch, a chance to prove himself again.

Throughout the rest of Noiz and Aoba’s interactions, Noiz is actively trying to figure Aoba out. This is incredibly different from tsundere behavior. Tsunderes, having already understood the emotions of their love interest, are often self conscious of themselves for a variety of reasons, and feel the need to tease their love interest by feigning non-interest, or in more extreme cases, complete dislike of the character in turn. This does not classify Noiz’s behavior at all. Noiz was rarely treated kindly throughout his life — I often compare his reactions to Shinji Ikari’s from Evangelion in this vein. As such, Aoba baffles him. In the caption that Noiz is injured and “pouting” it is less because Noiz is thinking “omg he’s taking care of me nope don’t want that then he might think I actually like him,” it’s more because Noiz has no concept of why Aoba would want to help him. For starters, Noiz doesn’t understand pain, so why is he being taken care of? Some might say: “but Noiz didn’t tell Aoba at this point!” Honestly, Noiz is still so apathetic about life in general that it not only may never have occurred to Noiz to tell Aoba, Noiz doesn’t care what happens to him, and whether or not Aoba knows in the first place. Anything that physically happens to him isn’t important. This is a crucial aspect of his character development and foreshadows the early foundations of his depression that are eventually unearthed in his Scrap scene. Second of all, he doesn’t understand why Aoba’s so nice to him. For the reasons I stated above he just doesn’t get it. It’s why Noiz is so desperate to have sex with him after Noiz figures out that Aoba isn’t using him for some ulterior motive, to see if Aoba only wants his physical body — because interactions like that, deceit, basic lust, manipulation, those are the only interactions Noiz has known and the only interactions that make sense. Honestly, I think it’s incredibly depressing. 

So, in short, please don’t call Noiz a tsundere bitch. It’s a disservice to his character arc. And Noiz doesn’t get pissed. He gets confused, something that is very much rectified by the end of Noiz’s route. Noiz matures in a way that is similar to Clear’s route, though as Clear becomes more human through his interactions with Aoba, Noiz becomes a happier adult that feels that he deserves a place in the world for the first time, so much so that Noiz resolves matters with his family in Germany and comes all the way back to Japan to sweep Aoba off his feet, because Noiz finally believes that he has become the man that deserves Aoba. This is a change that Aoba exclusively provided for him for him. Noiz freely admits his emotions and that he is changed because of Aoba. There is simply nothing tsundere there.

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